A Look at LCGD Graduate Bob Richmond Watson’s SGD Student Award Shortlisted Garden

In Bob’s own words

“Cambridge Cottage – A Wedding and Event Space -Reimagined

This design was all about that moment of union within the marriage ceremony. Centred on the building where the ceremony takes place the garden flows and eddies around the marrying couple, allowing visitors and guests to discover areas of reflection and quiet and spaces in which to play and run whilst always allowing you to be drawn back to the central terrace and the marriage ceremony. Structural hedges and sculptural topiary break up the spaces to give direction and create backwaters. Formal monochromatic planting around a reflective pool gives way to more a exuberant style as you travel through the garden. The back of the garden utilises a broken hedge border offering tantalising glimpses of the garden from outside but maintaining privacy for private events.

Our thanks to Bob for supplying the image of the garden.