A Look at LCGD Graduate Colm Joseph’s SGD Student Award Shortlisted Garden

In Colm’s own words

“I was delighted to find out I’d been selected as a finalist. It is very rewarding to have my work recognised in the SGD awards alongside such talented up-and-coming designers, particularly all my fellow nominees from LCGD! I’m also aware of some of the great designers who have featured in the SGD student design awards in the past and feel really proud to be in their company. It means a lot in terms of recognition from the industry I’m starting out in. Changing career to become a garden designer has involved major sacrifices and hard work, not least from my family, but it has also felt like a coming home of sorts, a discovery of what I’m supposed to be doing. Being nominated for this award is another welcome signpost that I’m on the right road.

and now about his shortlisted garden.

Project title: Field Barn, Suffolk

Description: This modern country garden, on a 2.3 acre site in mid-Suffolk, celebrates the beauty and history of the surrounding Suffolk landscape and the strikingly modern architecture of Field Barn. The design is driven by a concept of ‘space + time’. An overarching north-south spatial transition is established through the site, from enclosure to openness. Alongside this, the garden echoes the changing Suffolk landscape over time: from woodland, to pastoral meadows, to open ‘prairie-like’ plains. The design includes a woodland garden, an ornamental meadow of flowering bulbs, perennials and grasses, and a sweeping prairie of taller grasses, perennials and annuals. The hardscape materials resonate with the modern architecture and the agricultural character of the site. Limestone, flint, rammed earth, and oak celebrate the natural materiality of East Anglia.

Our thanks to Colm for supplying the image of the garden.