A Look at LCGD Graduate Duncan Cargill’s SGD Student Award Shortlisted Garden

In Duncan’s own words

“The SGD submission was my final project at LCGD and the culmination of my year of learning. The brief was to lift a dormant 18th century garden and park into the 21st century, making the most of existing assets – walled garden, lake, old drive – re-establishing it in a practical way and opening it up to the surrounding landscape. The key part was rejuvenating the front of the house and creating a long terrace that stretched almost the width of the property. From that axis led multiple new access points and views that reconnected the front and back of the house and opened up new avenues and vistas. The rigid but beautiful symmetry in the Georgian architecture informed not just my design – the layout of the beds in the walled garden – but also my presentation style – traditional but contemporary.”.

Our thanks to Duncan for supplying the image of the garden.