A Look at LCGD Graduate Jo Rzepa’s SGD Student Award Shortlisted Cambridge Cottage Garden

In Jo’s words

The brief was to create a commercial events space in the garden of a Georgian building in Kew Gardens, with circulation and functionality being key. The main design element is a gently curved ‘asile’ edged with wide double borders which leads to the ceremony room, so the ‘bride’ can walk down a flowered-filled aisle to get to the ceremony. I felt this was an appealing concept to potential clients for the venue and would be a strong selling point commercially. The design has seating in a variety of locations, on paths where you may bump into other guests and in private areas. I think its exciting as the hedges have a ’secret maze’ element to them, revealing and hiding the garden as you walk through. The gently curved geometry of the design feels calming and follows the shape of the Georgian building so although the garden is very contemporary, it feels like it belongs to the house. I like the idea of creating a timeless design. Of all my projects, this seems to be the one that people really respond to, people have said they can image getting married there which is a huge compliment.

Our thanks to Jo for supplying the image of the garden.