A Look at LCGD Graduate Rachel Brigg’s SGD Student Award Shortlisted Garden

In Rachel’s words

The clients, a couple in their fifties, had acquired a tired 8-acre estate which benefits from spectacular vistas to neighbouring farmland, but on the whole was unloved and in need of TLC.  The couple wanted to use the land to create habitats for wildlife and to reconnect with nature.  They also required spaces to entertain and relax, somewhere to grow their own fruit & veg and keep chickens, as well as a guesthouse for visiting friends & family, and an office space away from the main house.

Near to the house the garden includes a re-working of the entrance to increase the sense of privacy, a kitchen garden, herb garden and an outdoor kitchen & dining terrace.   Spaces have also been allowed for an outdoor lounge and a secluded breakfast terrace, all of which enjoy the views out over the ornamental meadows & beyond.  Beyond the ornamental meadow the garden gives way to a more natural landscape incorporating wildflower meadows, sculptural mixed native hedgerows which accentuate the undulations of the land and a large wetland designed to draw in a diverse range of wildlife.  A waterside pavilion and an amphitheatre-firepit set within the wildlife meadow provide spaces to relax & enjoy the surrounding environment as well as entertain guests.  Pathways continue through the old orchard and the existing woodland, allowing the client to enjoy a spot of “forest bathing”.  Thought has also been given to the setting of the requested office space, which is set within a new woodland glade, and the guesthouse, which is nestled at the edge of the existing woodland and enjoys views over the wildflower meadows & hedgerows.

Our thanks to Rachel for supplying the image of the garden.