A look at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2019

With the 2019 RHS Chatsworth Flower Show just completed, we take a look at how LCGD graduate Richard Rogers got on at this year’s show.

The show catalogue handed out at the show described the garden…

The garden is designed as a space to relax, retreat and meditate. A large statue, depicting the serene image of a face – as if meditating, emerges from the background foliage and forms a stunning centrepiece. The statue is reflected in an infinity pool that sits between it and a sunken seating area. From some directions the statue is partially obscured by trees within the garden, becoming more fully revealed as one shifts perspective.

This represents the way we see the World through the ‘filters’ of our own experience. The sculpture, reflected on the surface of the water, represents the ‘observer’ – the part of us that is able to pay attention to what we are thinking and feeling without getting carried away by it. Mindfulness is about this ability to notice and reflect on our own thoughts and feelings – hence the title of the garden ‘Reflective mind’.

The garden was well received getting a Silver Gilt Medal from the judges.

To see the show catalogue with more details on the garden and Thrive please click on the link below.

Reflective Mind garden briefing pack

Our thanks to Richard Rogers for supplying the photograph of the garden.