Looking ahead to RHS Tatton Flower Show 2018

Looking ahead to the RHS Tatton Flower Show in 2018, LCGD Graduate Max Harriman is designing the “Calm in Chaos” garden in the Young Designer Gardens category.

The show garden is designed to highlight the positive impact interacting with green space has on mental health and wellbeing particularly in the urban context. Elements of the garden were designed to transport the visitor away from the built up environment and spend more time in the space to reap the positive benefits of being in a garden. The garden exhibits a meandering path to increase the feeling of scale, surrounded by a series of timber posts to obscure views and encourage exploration. The green planting palette emphasises the importance of green space. Leaf form, texture and shape are used to create a rich tapestry to hold the guest’s attention and distract them from urban stresses.

Our thanks to Max for supplying the image of the garden.