Macmillan Legacy Garden at Harrogate Spring Flower Show

LCGD Graduates Colin Griffin & Oliver Rutman have designed the Macmillan Legacy Garden at Harrogate Spring Flower Show taking place from the 23rd to 26th April.

Here is their thinking behind the garden.

One Third of Macmillan Cancer Support’s income comes from gifts in wills. The aim of the garden is to raise awareness of the importance of legacies to Macmillan and to encourage people to consider this way of giving. We wanted to create an intimate, quiet and reflective garden where you could go to contemplate your legacy – either alone or with people you care about.

Drawing inspiration from the architectural features of ecclesiastical buildings; soaring ceilings that give the mind a sense of space, stained glass that washes changing light through the spaces and protective cloisters that provide space for quiet reflection.

By setting out a simple grid of trees we have created a meditative pathway around a nature filled woodland garden. The trunks of the trees give definition to the path and represent the structural columns that support the roof. The crowns of the trees merge to form a natural vaulted ceiling and the light shining through the foliage casts hopeful rays of light through the garden. 

The pathway faces into a woodland style internal garden, representative of a cloister garden, where several water bowls, reminiscent of woodland puddles, reflect the sky and changing light and provide a point of reflection, physically and metaphorically. On rainy days these pools create a drip filled soundscape – an extra sensory layer to bring you into the present moment and contemplate your legacy.

Many elements of the garden have been chosen to convey Macmillan’s legacy messaging 

Thanks to Colin Griffin & Oliver Rutman for the image.