Caroline Clayton

Our approach is holistic.

We believe that gardens are an extension of home – a space to relax, socialise, imagine and play – so we create gardens that you want to live in. The studio is passionate about reconnecting people with the natural world and ensuring the garden is a sanctuary for our clients as well as for wildlife. By bringing together diverse planting, a creative palette of materials and an understanding of sustainability, we make spaces to escape to.










United Kingdom


A Healing Retreat

Set within the picturesque Berkshire countryside, Wasing Estate is less than an hour from London, covering several hundred acres of farmland, woodland and lakes. 

As well as hosting weddings in what is currently the ‘Secret Walled Garden’, Wasing also offers a safe environment for wellbeing retreats.

They wanted to expand this side of their business, creating a series of healing gardens. I was tasked to reinvigorate 8 acres of land surrounding the Secret Walled Garden, connecting it to the manor house where guests will be staying for their wellbeing retreats.

A sensitive touch was needed throughout this project keeping some of the beautiful old features such as the Victorian glass houses and gorgeous stonework whilst bringing the gardens into the 21st century. 

Woodland Edge Garden

With this woodland edge garden, I wanted to recapture the sense of awe and magic you feel when you’re out in nature as a child. 

I created a naturalistic, wild feeling garden that takes its cues from the native landscape, the beautiful Surrey heathland; pine trees, grasses, ferns, heather and the addition of some ‘native like’ specimens to elevate and create year round interest. 

The family are passionate about eating healthily so I created space on a new terrace to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Through the planting and additions of carefully chosen structures I planned to nudge past memories and recapture our imagination and sense of wonder. 

A giant nest by designer Porky Hefer is tucked away in the pine trees at the bottom of the garden,  creating a secluded escape. 

Modern Productive Garden

The couple who own this garden wanted a space in which to entertain friends and harvest their own food. I created a wildlife friendly garden showing how foraging can work in a smaller, residential setting. 

Instead of an annual vegetable garden we’ve suggested lots of plants that can be foraged from. Fruit trees, rambling climbers, berry bushes and herb walls have been chosen carefully for visual impact and delicious harvests. 

Contemporary Cor-ten steel is a unifying theme throughout the garden. It frames the generous planting beds and rectilinear terraced lawns. It’s used as sculptural framework adding structure and height, and as the treatment for the new garage doors. 

We’ve put an alfesco cocktail terrace and seating area in the sunniest top corner of the garden. The perfect spot for a g&t as the sun goes down…