Naomi Ferrett-Cohen

Naomi Ferrett-Cohen is a Sussex based landscape and garden designer whose life-long love of the outdoors and gardening inspires her creativity. In 2018 she won a Silver-Gilt medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the design of the A Life Without Walls garden and she regularly contributes towards other show gardens around the UK.

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Much influenced by her landscaper father, from a young age Naomi has been a keen gardener. Since then, nature and gardening have formed the constant backdrop to her working and family life, whether pottering in her own garden or when she volunteered in the stunning and inspirational gardens at Parham House in West Sussex.

Before a career break to start a family, Naomi worked in the care sector with people with mental health problems and learning disabilities has a firm belief in the importance of horticulture for human wellbeing, both physical and psychological. Now with a family of her own, this interest extends into creating gardens for children and families, encouraging them into the garden together to explore and share what nature and horticulture has to offer.

Inevitably, Naomi was drawn to pursuing these interests as a career and, having attained her RHS Level II in Horticulture, went on to train with the London College of Garden Design, gaining a Garden Design Diploma in 2015 and a Planting Design Diploma in 2016, both with Distinction.

Now heading up her own Landscape and Garden Design Practice nestled at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex, Naomi continues to find inspiration in the nature around her, working on design projects large and small. Through her many contacts in the industry, Naomi has also been involved with Gold medal winning show gardens at RHS Hampton Court and recently won Silver-Gilt for her A Life Without Walls Garden.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Naomi was excited to work with renowned HIV partnership, Cherub, at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. The garden she designed and built as a platform to help raise awareness about young people living with HIV in the UK and beyond. Naomi’s garden aimed to challenge stigmas and promote the message that it’s possible to live well with HIV, as well as highlighting the search for a cure through dedicated scientific research.

Naomi designed her debut garden with young people in mind, working in conjunction with children’s HIV charity CHIVA, which has offered advice and inspiration. Using over 1,000 plants, the key species included Acer Osakazuki, Acer Vitifolium, Acer Palmatum, Drimys winteri and Dicksonia antarctica, supplied by Hortus Loci Ltd. Other materials included composite stone for a white ‘pod’ structure, Welsh blue-grey slate and bamboo composite.

The garden was built by Burnham Landscaping and conceived by Professor John Frater, University of Oxford and Professor Sarah Fidler, Imperial College, London.

Naomi was really excited to receive a Silver-Gilt award from the RHS.

Courtyard Garden, East Sussex

The aim of this small garden is to create an exotic, relaxing and warm space. The owner likes more exotic-looking plants and is keen to incorporate plants from warmer climates.

Bringing colour contrast to the garden will give a little wow factor, we will use different materials along with lush greenery to balance softness and light. The planting will be based on foliage, using different shades and textures of green. Dahlias, hibiscus and big leafed plants will create the staple.

Socialising and cooking are essential to this garden so a small kitchen area and herb wall will be a practical and fun asset.

Terrace House, Birmingham

This terrace house garden had not seen much attention in many years. It appeared rundown and in need of restoring.

The owner wanted to create an oasis by filling the space with plants and having multiple areas within the long, thin garden.

We are in the process of creating a beautiful urban garden space, with an area for eating near the house and one for entertaining at the sunny, eastern end of the garden. We will be using cottage style planting throughout and modern paving to create more interest in the thin space.

The photos are of the hard landscaping going in. We are looking forward to the day we get to plant!

Student Garden, Oxford

The aim of this garden project is to make a space where students can take time away from study, to rest and socialise, enticing the students away from technology and enveloping themselves within the natural world.

The garden would incorporate elements from the Chelsea Cherub HIV garden into the design, ensuring the legacy of the garden is preserved.

Sitting amongst the planting and features such as the pond will allow them to decompress and give their minds space to access creative flow.

In addition to the space being relaxing, it could also be a social area, giving the students important communal areas for discussion, debate and most importantly laughter.

Barn Conversion, West Sussex

The owners of this large barn conversion property approached Naomi when the property was still just in the planning phase. Initially, Naomi worked with them to model the house, to plan out the ½ acre site and then over an extended period work on the detail of each area.

The site falls into three main sections: the entrance, the courtyard and the main garden area with pool. Each of the sections received individual attention ensuring continuity throughout. Planting for each section was designed and planned, the photos above show the initial section of plants in their first season.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021

The garden is a celebration of the NHS and the relentless care and support it and its staff have provided during the Coronavirus pandemic – nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, porters, technicians, and other unseen and unsung staff who keep the health service running. It recognises the collaboration between UK university researchers and NHS staff to find new treatments and vaccines to counter Coronavirus.

With its beautiful hardwood canopy, rills, pools and planting, the garden offers an immersive experience. Water represents the collective efforts of NHS staff and researchers pulling together, and is depicted through its exploration of the garden’s series of rills and pools. Warm earthy, apricot tones run through the planting, anchored by Acer griseum, Rosa ‘Phyllis Bide’ and R. glauca.

In unison, the planting, hard landscaping and the gentle sound of water provides a safe space for reflection and contemplation, bringing optimism and hope of a brighter future. The message of the garden is that even in the testing times of isolation and lockdown we are all united by a common aim to support each other.

Courtyard Garden, Chelsea London

We look forward to building this garden soon.

Countryside Garden, Ardingly

We look forward to building this garden soon.

Suburban Garden, Eastbourne

We enjoyed designing for this Eastbourne garden, using the existing established trees as a background to the new design.

We created a space to move and socialise, introducing two seating areas; an outdoor kitchen and a summer house area.

The client requested additional planting to be introduced to the garden. We enlarged the borders and introduced bespoke planters to create focus and space for interest planting. Height and shade will feature through the introduction of trees and an obelisk.

We look forward to building this garden soon.