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The Construction Design Certificate

The Construction Design Certificate Programme is delivered primarily online so that students can access this vital training whilst continuing to work. The course focuses on the design, construction and materiality of gardens and landscapes and is led by Paul Hensey who is well-known for his technical books on landscape construction.

Delivered over the autumn and spring terms this course is aimed at Garden Designers and landscape professionals who would like to greatly improve their knowledge and understanding of the constructed elements they design and build. Students have used the course as a springboard for larger, more complicated commissions and to have confidence when working with other landscape professionals.

construction design certificate



The programme is wide-ranging and includes the study of the design process for materials and build, how and why materials are selected and how wider research and analysis can help designers to select options with confidence.

Lectures throughout the programme from specialists, practising designers and landscape contractors will provide input into wider learning but also into a design project. Studio tutorial sessions will help in the refinement and development of ideas and material associations, providing support for your design thinking and helping to develop successful solutions in the production of working design drawings.

Specialist elements such as water, lighting and structures are considered and towards the end of the course successful designers will be invited to talk about their use of materials and the qualities they favour in their work.

Study online for easier access

Online training allows you to work from the comfort of your own home or office wherever you are. The course starts with a two-day introduction in-class at our home in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and is then followed by one day a week online every Friday over the autumn and spring terms, with a final presentation day at Kew Gardens. You can also choose to join these 3 Kew-based days online in real-time if you want. All lectures are recorded so that you can revisit technical information whenever you want.


Sally Harley-Martin


The Construction Design Certificate programme starts in September of each academic year. Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling for this coming year of if you’d like to have an informal online meeting or a telephone conversation with Paul Hensey about the course.