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Practical skills

All our Garden Design courses offer practical skills and inspirational teaching through which garden designers and landscape professionals can benefit from and expand their skills.

Students on our Diploma programmes frequently get the opportunity to work at UK shows as volunteers. We also pass on suitable opportunities for real-life design projects and opportunities to work in large Garden Design and Landscape companies.


garden design practical skills

LCGD, Kew Gardens

Our short course programme regularly changes and includes workshops that discuss changing design trends, planting design skills, workshops supporting drawing skills, detailing, construction drawing and specialist design such as for therapy, sustainable landscapes or specialist subjects such as heritage settings. We have also regularly hosted conferences  on subjects as diverse as the new modern garden and the influence of our work on the fashion industry.

Luke Arend

Our long-established series of evening info burst seminars are now online and have become a valuable source of information and professional design development for Garden Designers and Horticulturists.