Our Directors

The UK’s leading garden design school combines the experience of two of the UK’s leading garden professionals Andrew Wilson and Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Both are successful garden designers in their own right with many design awards between them and extensive teaching experience.

Garden design school Director Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Director of Garden Design Studies

Andrew Wilson is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading garden design lecturers. He has been at the forefront of garden design teaching in the UK and overseas, for over 30 years and now teaches exclusively at our garden design school.

Andrew Fisher Tomlin

Andrew Fisher Tomlin

Managing Director

Andrew Fisher Tomlin is a Chartered Horticulturist and a Fellow of both the Society of Garden Designers, the UK’s professional body for garden design, and the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. He is well known for creating gardens and landscapes around the world and has won many awards for his work in a number of countries including Australia, the USA and New Zealand as well as in the UK. 

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