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Leading tutors

It is important to us that every one of our tutors is a practising professional. So not only will you receive tuition from Andrew Wilson on the Garden Design Diploma, you’ll also work with tutors such as James Aldridge,  Jo Thompson and Adam White; technical specialists such as Fiona Silk, Dan Flynn and Paul Hensey, and award winning designers including Kate Gould, Gavin McWilliam, Tom Massey and Joe Perkins.

leading tutors at the LCGD

London College of Garden Design, Kew Gardens

We aim to employ the best computer aided design (CAD) tutors because it’s an essential skill if you are to succeed in your career. Training in SketchUp and Vectorworks, industry standard software, is included in the Garden Design Diploma Course at no extra cost. Studio days will see you working individually and in small groups with a number of tutors as we believe that it is important to have tutors available to support you on these creative days. Indeed, on a typical studio day you would expect to have not just a design specialist but also CAD and other experts to link in with the assessments being taken at the time.

On our Planting Design Diploma we have a similarly high level of tutor to student ratio. Course leader Nina Baxter is a senior RHS show judge, well-known for her planting design work and leads studio sessions as well as teaching. She is joined by some of the UK’s leading planting design professionals including Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Nigel Dunnett and Amanda Patton as well as award-winning planting designers such as Graham Bodle and Carolyn WillittsSustainable solutions are an important part of our work and so training takes account of this, alongside the need to create practical solutions that support your design business.