• I wanted to drop you a line to thank you – once again! – for such informative and professional presentations. I will look forward to attending other days and Info Bursts in future as I’m finding them really inspiring as a way of continuing my professional development.


  • I’ve been so impressed by the high standards of the lecturers the LCGD attract and once again I left today feeling buoyed up by all your fantastic input – thank you!


  • Your courses have been brilliant, more of the same please!


  • Just wanted to say thanks for running a great course. For me it was of great benefit for me to review my business with confidence. It was also good to hear other peoples experiences and that I am not alone.


  • Thank you for a superb lecture and workshop day – brilliant ideas and suggestions and thank you also for taking the time in answering some particular questions I had.


  • I obtained a huge amount of useful information and it was just a wonderful opportunity to network and talk about work with others.


  • Wow that was really good. Very informative, very interesting and gave you access to information that you would never normally have a chance get. I really admire James and Sarah for talking so openly and, therefore, so valuably.


  • Thanks for a very inspiring day of talks


  • What a really superb day Saturday was. Thought provoking and fascinating. I thought that it was an excellent mix of speakers and topics. No doom and gloom … but real answers to some of these huge questions from a variety of angles. I loved the fact that it was a small audience – it was a really high caliber one – and the venue helped to make it feel as though we were all part of a group of like indeed people not just a herd to be talked at.