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New Iconic Gardens Revisited

Over 10 years ago we invited some well-known garden personalities to choose their favourite new garden that had been created in the previous decade or so and pitch it as one of the gardens we will still be talking about as landmarks in garden design in 20 years time.

With so many changes in the world of horticulture and gardens, especially with our understanding of the impact that gardens and design can have on climate change and our own well-being we decided to revisit the idea and invite an international panel of speakers to show us the gardens that they think will be iconic in the future.

Each speaker will champion a garden and show us how their chosen garden inspires them. They will tell us how they came to make that decision and why they think we’ll still be talking about their choice of garden in 2042.

The gardens and the garden designers they have chosen will be revealed in September ahead of the first talk by designer Alexa Ryan-Mills who will champion a garden in the North of England. Wonder what it will be? Come and see all six presentations over 8 weeks and then get your chance to vote on your favourite.