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Adam Vetere


Adam is a truly inspirational and innovative designer who has been honed from a unique background in horticulture, graphic design training, practical landscaping, business design and is enthused by his continued passion for plants and sustainable design.
He regularly travels to the four corners of the world, visiting gardens and the natural habitat in varying climates from desert to tropical, assimilating garden design ideas, theories and variations on new planting schemes which can be used in future designs.



“I’ve designed gardens both large and small, town or country, drawing upon inspiration from the four corners of the world, utilising my passion for plants and inspirational design.”
He works with both large and small clients, producing innovative solutions to small town house gardens or large multi acre schemes for large country homes, all of which he executes with equal passion for the unique challenges that they bring.

An accomplished designer, Adam’s first designs were in the early 1990s whilst working for a reputable landscape design and construction company for several years.

Having had extensive graphical design training, he had opportunity to put his training to good use; his designs were visionary and practical as he was building and constructing the designs himself, understanding the practical and budgetary limits of the materials and the time needed to implement a design scheme.

A subtle change of career led Adam into a business/financial design path, but underlying the new role was the need for design and the future; how will the business grow, how will it develop, how will it succeed in a particular environment? These are all the fundamentals that a great garden designer needs to understand with the plants, the climate, their positioning and their companions. During this period though, he still worked on many commissions and took time to develop his horticultural skills, becoming an accomplished plants person and gardener which supports his design training.

He regularly pushes the boundaries of accepted horticultural practice, plant expectations and garden theory, by developing lush tropical or hot desert planting schemes which thrive in the UK and other temperate climates. This has only been accomplished by spending many years in these climates studying and understanding what the plants have to cope with and how they have developed to do so. This is then applied to the design, the understanding of the particular microclimate that a garden has, allowing schemes to thrive in places where they should not grow, but they do!

Adam’s designs are based on a sustainable concept, ensuring the client brief is met, whilst limiting the impact on the local environment and reducing water usage for the future. There always needs to be an underlying narrative with the design, which takes you on a journey through the garden; this can be achieved in both small and large spaces through the clever use of plants, vistas, surrounding countryside and architectural points of interest.

More recently Adam has opened his own garden under the National Garden Scheme to critical acclaim, resulting in publications in several well known magazines. It is always a risk for a designer, as on average only 20% of applicants are successful!

In 2018, he has decided to develop his skills further and will be spending a year at Kew Gardens with the London College of Garden Design to bring his talents up to date with the latest theories and techniques.

”I believe a green space, whether on a business park, your back garden or a local park, wood or wasteland can be developed into a truly inspirational space for contemplation, pleasure, socialising, to relax, unwind and generally switch off from the hectic world in which we live in today… It should be good for the soul and influence the well being of you and others for years to come.”

Adam Vetere – A Mediterranean Oasis
Adam Vetere – A Boodles Inspired Garden
Adam Vetere – An Events Venue in South West London
Adam Vetere – A Reflective Analysis