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Alex Horlick

London and South East

Currently based in London I graduated from the LCGD in the summer of 2021.

Although I’ve always a had a deep interest in horticulture and design, prior to this course I have been working in film & television as a sound designer, which strangely has many similarities to garden design.

Drawing on a wide range of influences from art and culture as much as from the natural world I aim to design emotive and timeless spaces with a real sense of place.

Using strong underlying geometry and structure, clean lines are then softened with rich planting to create unique and beautiful gardens.

An understanding of form and texture, with an appropriate palette of materials and plants, allows each garden to respond to the client’s needs and to the individual characteristics of the site. I believe a garden does not exist in isolation, so ensuring the design settles within its surroundings is important if the space is to fit harmoniously within the wider landscape.

As well as bringing joy and beauty, gardens connect us to the natural world, following a philosophy of sustainability I also aim to use local materials as much as possible and to increase biodiversity with my plantings.

I am comfortable designing gardens at any scale and am used to delivering creative and detailed work.

Alex Horlick – Kew Gardens, Cambridge Cottage Wedding Venue Design
Alex Horlick – Modernist Shared Office Garden
Alex Horlick – A Suburban Chilterns Garden