Alison Quantrell

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, and have been a practical horticulturalist and plants-woman since 2003. In 2006 I moved from the heritage gardens of the National Trust to the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, where I remained until 2018.

I now dedicate my time to my Garden Design Diploma course at LCGD, and my work with Blooming Botany, my own company, as a garden designer and tutor of horticultural skills.

Blooming Botany offers garden design, horticultural consultancy, and practical tuition so you can enjoy your outdoor space and learn to love your plants again.




West London Events Venue

Cambridge Cottage is a popular events venue set within the World Heritage site of Kew Gardens. It currently hosts many weddings, corporate events, product launches, and private hire parties.

The venue can host a seated wedding ceremony for up to 80 guests, or a buffet/drinks reception for up to 120 guests.

The client brief was to improve the circulation of the events space and nurture the link to Kew Gardens, an important motivating factor for users of the space, whilst maintaining a sense of independence and seclusion as required.

A strong, new axis in the form of a shallow rill has been designed to lead the visitor through the garden. This axis has unpredictable and unexpected branching points that “crack” their way across the garden, to lead guests into otherwise unexplored areas. The proportions of the designed space reflect those of the Georgian architecture of the venue, and the subtropical, architectural planting utilises the warm microclimate.