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Anna Kurihara

United States

Inspired by nature and local landscapes, Anna’s goals are to bring people and wildlife together through garden design.


Anna’s passion for garden design started from her love of food and nature walks. After a few years of escaping the city life and moving to Maine in New England, Anna was immersed in growing food at her home garden, foraging on the coast, and utilizing permaculture tools at a local food forest. A summer of landscaping in Southern Maine & a sprinkle of inspiration from designer Piet Oudoulf was all Anna needed to switch her career from the food & beverage industry to garden design. She currently co-owns a landscaping business in Maine and will soon be moving back to the city to bring nature-inspired designs into an urban setting.

Anna Kurihara – Elmbank Cottage – Local Landscape
Anna Kurihara – Hilbury Close – Exploring Geology
Anna Kurihara – Woodland Courtyard