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Ben Stewart

Surrey and beyond

Hello, I’m Ben a graduate of the London College of Garden Design graduating with distinction in planting design in 2021. Based in Surrey I’ve worked across the UK and more recently in Ireland.

I passionately believe in unlocking the potential of our gardens to enhance our lives and improve our local environment so I strive to make every space a place to be enjoyed throughout the year and as environmentally enriching as possible.

Beyond creating the functional spaces you need to enjoy your garden to its full, light plays a big part in my approach to design because it has such a strong influence on our mood. Whether it’s calming, romantic or energising, the way light comes through planting, reflects on different materials and surfaces or changes throughout the day and the seasons all adds to the potential to create a magical space you’ll want to escape to.

I also like to anchor my ideas in a strong concept or idea which helps guide the design and gives clients a sense of their garden’s story.

For more information, visit my social media pages.
Instagram: ben_houseofstewartgardens
Facebook: House of Stewart Gardens


I’ve spent the past 25 years working at the creative end of business developing UK and global brands and advertising campaigns working in London’s top advertising agencies as well as at the BBC.

I started my career evolution in 2018 studying garden design at the National Design Academy before retraining in earnest at LCGD in 2021 achieving distinction in a post graduate diploma in Planting Design.

I began House of Stewart Gardens that year and am currently in the final term of the LCGD post grad in Garden Design.

Ben Stewart – 21st Century Bosquet in Ascot
Ben Stewart – California Dreaming in the Chilterns
Ben Stewart – A little bit more Soho in Surrey
Ben Stewart – Bohemian Flow in Surrey