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  Ziar Studio

Charles Ziar

Cornwall, Cotswolds, London

Balance and beauty in my garden designs are achieved through a playfulness of colour, texture and geometric forms. Understanding the needs and vision of my client, my designs are based on an awareness of the historical context of the space alongside a contemporary narrative – sustainability and bio-diversity all playing a critical role. As a result, my designs offer a unique narrative but all with a cohesion of a space where nature can thrive and connect with the human mind.
Of particular interest are the beneficial health effects that can be derived from the natural world.


I have always been profoundly affected by the visual and the aesthetic. Early years in the ever-changing space that was my grandmother’s garden and a first degree in the History of Art informed my appreciation of beauty and design.
Being fortunate enough to have travelled extensively, and visited wonderful gardens along the way, I feel privileged to have now graduated at the London College of Garden Design and be part of a very talented community.

Instagram – @ziar_studio

Charles Ziar – Rhetoric of the Yorkshire Dales
Charles Ziar – Modernism for a suburban garden – Amersham
Charles Ziar – A Coastal Retreat