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Christopher Silvester

London, Hertfordshire, UK, International

My approach recognises the power of gardens and green spaces to enhance and nourish mental and physical wellbeing. Gentle pottering in a garden can be both mindful and rewarding. I believe gardens should be a place of total sensory immersion and offer visual beauty alongside interesting edibles, tactile plants, and wonderful scents. I am often inspired by the local landscape and seek to bring a little of the essence of the surroundings into the garden. Garden builds need to be environmentally conscious and seek to maximise sustainability and wildlife benefit.

My approach to planting seeks sustainable and ecologically informed solutions to the challenges presented by each garden space. In the face of a changing climate, designs need to be tailored to the harsh conditions often experienced by our gardens. My approach involves careful analysis of the local environment to produce planting schemes that will not only look fantastic but also thrive.


I have always had a passion for horticulture and have been an enthusiastic gardener since I have been old enough to hold a trowel. I decided to obtain formal training as a Garden Designer in 2021 and obtained a Diploma in Garden Design from LCGD. I also have an RHS Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture.

Prior to retraining in horticulture, I studied and worked as an archaeologist for ten years. I obtained a PhD in bioarchaeology (the study of human remains) in 2021 after 3 years of intensive research. I bring the scientific and detailed approach developed during my archaeological career to my design solutions.

Christopher Silvester – A Perennial Feast, Chilterns
Christopher Silvester – A Mindful Retreat, Ascot
Christopher Silvester – Resilience and Renewal, Cumbria