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Emily Millington

Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, further afield

Hello, I’m Emily.

I am an RHS Level 2 horticulturalist and a London College of Garden Design graduate.

So what else..? Why me..?

12 years as a teacher taught me how to work effectively and connect with people, balancing empathy with practicality, patience and guidance.

As a mother, I understand the social and emotional impact that a well considered and thoughtfully designed garden can have on the family unit: I create spaces for each and all, that work hard to uplift and inspire.

As a passionate nature lover, I am committed to creating gardens that support the natural world : mutually benefiting both nature and the lives of my clients.

My innate curiosity and years of world travel has given me a broad, eclectic frame of reference from which to draw inspiration.


Studying with LCGD and my own design practice has exposed me to diverse sites, scenarios and client needs. I have designed for small, urban gardens, large multi-purpose events venues, rural family gardens and even a university college campus and an outdoor classroom. The challenge of finding that unique quality for each site, solving problems, creating inviting and balanced spaces for each individual is at the heart of each design.

I am based in Cambridge and my practice focuses on delivering unique, imaginative and uplifting gardens that are personal to the client and memorable to all.

From the start of your garden journey, I will be there to guide you through and will create a space that is tailor-made to you.

The journey is an exciting one and the result really can change the way you live.

Please do contact me if you are interested in making this exciting step: I’d be delighted to help!

Instagram – @millington.emily

Emily Millington – University College Campus, Cambridge. 11 acres
Emily Millington – Family Garden, Yorkshire
Emily Millington – Mid-century suburban garden, Buckinghamshire
Emily Millington – Large, multi-purpose Events Garden, Kew
Emily Millington – 3D model of Events Garden, Kew