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Emily Shaw

Sussex, London, Buckinghamshire

Some of my happiest and earliest memories are from being in the garden. I was lucky enough to have keen gardeners for parents and that is when my passion for gardens and green spaces started. I firmly believe in the power of gardens to reconnect people to nature and place. My mission is to create spaces that bring a sense of joy and nourishment for all those who are in them.

My approach is client-centric, taking the time to understand needs and desires in order to create an inspirational space that will be loved. I am committed to using local materials wherever possible and drawing on my extensive horticultural knowledge to promote ecological diversity and enhance the natural landscape.


With over a decade of working with some of the world’s largest corporates, I bring a wealth of professionalism to projects and horticultural experience having worked on everything from high end roof top gardens in New York to sprawling Surrey estates. But above all, it’s my passion for creating captivating outdoor spaces that drives me forward creatively.

Instagram – @emilyshawdesigns

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