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  Jacqui Chapman Garden Design
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Jacqui Chapman

Northwest England / Cheshire / S Manchester

My childhood memories are steeped in our 5-acre garden where I learnt the love of horticulture from parents who shared their interest and gave me my first garden space when I was 4. This early rapport with place developed into a strong relationship with landscape and an instinctive connection I trust. My intention is to offer this connection within imaginative design solutions combining both wild and managed spaces in historical and contemporary settings. My garden as a restorative mental sanctuary was a place I used to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis in 2017.

Research informs design to tell a garden’s own story and often integrates local vernacular so that there is a sense of place beyond a boundary. This includes its history or borrowed landscape, a respect for wildlife corridors, biodiversity, and sustainability using local materials where appropriate.

Each project is based on a unifying concept that reflects its potential and clients’ requirements and from which the design develops, often within a strong geometric framework. Spatial flow is an important element of each design guiding how a garden might be discovered. As an artist I imagine a garden as a canvas and use planting like brushwork contrasting loose textured repetition held by underlying structure so that a sense of movement creates changing atmospheres.

Images include a variety of model making, hand-drawing and CAD images to demonstrate my working process which is flexible.

Instagram: @jacquichapmangardendesign


Art Direction and Fine Art Painting are a mix of previous work experience that enables me to realise richer more profound Garden Design spaces. I ‘think with my pencil’ and am confident drawing to communicate ideas. Classic design principles of composition, rhythm, form, texture, space, and colour from experience as a professional painter inform landscape decisions. Communication and creative project management experience in advertising as a senior art director for 13 years in award-winning international agencies provides many transferable skills in Garden Design working from a brief to creative concept within a budget and deadline heading professional teams of people to deliver a project.

Jacqui Chapman – Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens, 3D Model
Jacqui Chapman – Amersham, Chiltern Hills
Jacqui Chapman – Elmbank Cottage, Grade II Listed, Ascot
Jacqui Chapman – Beeston Hall, Arts and Crafts, Cheshire