Jenny McLoughlin

Graduating from LCGD in July 2018



Large woodland garden on the South Downs

A proposal for a large woodland garden for a family leaving London in search of a different pace.

Requirements of space:

to locate the new architecture in its surroundings.
to offer plenty of socialising space and a productive garden.
to provide spaces for reflection and inspiration.
to strike a balance between formality and wilderness.
to retain a sense of playfulness and discovery.

The guiding principle for this design proposal was to create a refined but informal space which balanced sensitivity to its natural environment with a modern outlook, drawing inspiration from local materials, building practices and the landscape of the South Downs.

The space aims, ultimately, to be a dream retreat from the city: it will feel like it emerges from the landscape, sitting gently within its broader environs and offering a balance between retreat and discovery: simplicity and luxury.

Proposal for a commercial retail courtyard

This proposal was for a re-design of an existing retail space when it was taken over by its new owner.

Requirements of space:

sale and display of cretan terracotta pots
a destination showroom for both public and trade
flexibility, allowing for social, demo and re-arrangement
accessibility of storage yard and access gate

The guiding principle for this design proposal was to provide a curated, artisanal space which forefronts both the quality and uniqueness of the product and the skill and craftsmanship of the landscaping firm which also has its offices on site.

The space ultimately aims to be textural, theatrical and full of curving forms that guide the eye, frame views and echo the sinuous curves of the pots themselves.