Jonathan Winterbourne

Currently based in London, I will graduate from the LCGD diploma in garden design in summer 2021.

I am fascinated in new ways to develop a garden space using contemporary ideas from art and incorporating these with the local history of a given location. One concept that I enjoy bringing to a design, is contrast, whether it be between the planting and hard landscaping or simply the addition of a novel structure into a garden influenced by a natural landscape.
I would like to achieve this by incorporating new ways of solving issues around sustainability and practicality.

Before deciding to retrain in garden design I worked as the Director of membership for an accountancy institute and have had a varied career up to that point, which has helped me take on the varying nature of garden design, from technical drawing, understanding client needs and desires, through to design development.


Shared courtyard garden

A shared courtyard garden between two properties, the garden features a large modernist structure that moves from aelipse to a square depending on where you are viewing from, playing with perspective and shadow play to give a dramatic space that uses shade loving plants.
The two properties are split by a water feature that dries out in summer revealing stepping stones to join the two areas, these space is both private and communal at the same time.

Martet, South West France

And of year project, a 29 acre garden in the south west of France

Conceptual work

A selection of some concepts and investigations

Woodland garden, Cheapside

A garden that extends into woodland

Amersham, Chilterns

A dynamic design aimed at resolving the level changes in this medium sized garden in Amersham

Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens

A design proposal for Cambridge Cottage based within the grounds at Kew Gardens. The space was is used for private events and is open to the paying public at Kew. A playful interpretation of the Georgians love of symmetry and geometry, I have incorporated sacred geometry into the final proposal, applying this to topiary and a large elliptical paved area that cuts into the landscape.

There is a dining area that allows for covered dining, with removable awnings. Water features in front of the building, creating refections of the architecture as you approach.The garden is enclosed with yew hedges to create privacy and the garden has areas that provide seclusion and retreat from the main event.