Kevin Bownes

I graduated from the London College of Garden Design, Kew Gardens in July 2017.

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A lifelong passion for plants, gardening and nature stems from my childhood days, where I spent many an hour helping my Father on his two allotments. Everything was carefully sown from seed, and propagated outdoors or under glass in the greenhouse. My memories are filled with long afternoons
spent collecting vegetables and beautiful flowers from the cutting garden.

After a Telecommunications career spanning 20 years, firstly with the Army and subsequently for a global IT company, I returned to my horticultural roots and studied at Capel Manor College, enabling me to start a garden maintenance business.

During the time spent working with clients, improving gardens and advising on planting, I went on to fully pursue my passion for gardening, undertaking a diploma at The London College of Garden Design, Kew Gardens, and graduating in July 2017.

I now enjoy working on a variety of residential and commercial projects, combining beautiful aesthetics with functional gardens that clients can really use and enjoy. My approach mixes formality and structural planting with a more naturalistic style.


Cambridge Cottage - Wedding and Events Venue

Re-design of the 0.5 acre grounds of Cambridge Cottage, Kew which is used for Weddings, Team Building, Conferences and other events.

Client Brief:

• The provision of an identifiable hard paved reception space which could be used for formal and informal gatherings
for daytime and also for evening use.

• Improved circulation into and through the space

• Quiet areas for retreat or social interaction

• Rationalised paving and levels with consideration for inclusive access. The ramp alongside the yew hedge needs to
be re-designed.
• Stronger and more structural planting to create greater spatial definition

• Seating and lighting to be considered throughout

• Locations within the garden suitable for wedding and group photographs.

• Planting character should be considered across the year as weddings especially are held all year round.

• In addition we would appreciate some consideration for the inclusion of water and sculpture.

Chaworth Rd - Small Suburban front and rear Garden - Floating Deck

This project was to design the front and rear gardens of a suburban property that was being renovated – Total size 236 Sq Metres

• The rear garden is all about a ‘Sense of arrival’ as you come down the main corridor in the house or from the alleyway at the side of the house. The view ‘Needs to hold your attention’.

• The forest at the back of the rear garden should be a major part of the overall view.

• Attracting wildlife and birds is important to them.

• John and Susan both lead very busy work lives and want a garden that is manageable and creates a space where they can relax in. An intimate dining area is key.

• They would like seasonality, sexy planting, lots of colour.

• Security is key – all boundaries should be secure and whilst they want to enjoy the view of the woods they still want privacy from people passing by.

• An outdoor office that doubles up as a teenage den is also required.

• To be able to park two cars on the front when required. The client is happy to move one car to put the other one on.

1 Acre garden design - Rickmanshworth

To re-design a 1 acre garden on a site which the client has purchased to integrate to their existing house and 2 acre garden as a place for work, leisure and entertaining.

The 1 acre site is mainly lawn with a small orchard and a beautiful Hazel walk. The two sites will need to be integrated so that they work holistically.

The clients require the space to be a wonderful entertaining space with bright, bold and colourful planting, The orchard is to be enhanced and a productive garden is to be added.

The Hazel walk will remain and an open area for their children to kick balls about is essential.

The boundary where the two properties join is to be changed so it appears as though the space was designed as one.