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Marina Randall

Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and further afield

For me, gardens are a gateway to feelings. They should restore you and give you energy, but also help you feel a sense of connection. I love simplicity of design, stripping back noise and finding the elements that when put together create a quiet, but powerful song.

I like to find emotion in every element of design, from the way you move through space and how that makes you feel, to the careful combination of plants and forms, and how that can slow you down or re-centre your attention. My goal is of course to elevate your experience whilst in the garden, but perhaps equally important is ensuring that the feelings it gives you, continue to resonate long after you leave.


I was lucky enough to grow up in leafy surroundings, with somewhat creative parents who encouraged lots of time outdoors and helped me develop my own eye for detail and balance. After completing a degree in psychology, I worked in research and management consultancy, before re-evaluating my career in 2020 and deciding to follow a direction more aligned with my values.

Garden design is now the primary way I tap into my own creativity, connect with something bigger than myself and play with fine detail. I absolutely adore it and see it as the perfect intersection of my skills. More than that, I consider it a huge privilege to be able to create spaces that can support both the planet and people. What could be more satisfying!

I graduated from LCGD with Distinction in July 2023.

Instagram – @marinarandall_gardendesign

Marina Randall – Ludshott Manor, Hampshire
Marina Randall – Mid Century House, Amersham
Marina Randall – The Old Rectory, Yorkshire