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Riccardo Battel

I have travelled around the world, working in different countries, to experience varied design approaches. I currently live in Singapore, working as a Landscape Designer and exploring new fields of research such as Garden Styles, Skyrise Greenery and Biophilic Design. My love for plants, art and photography has recently brought me to launch a new garden blog: Domus Topiarum. My hope for the future is to open my own studio in Italy and create sophisticated dream gardens.



My introduction to gardens was a course held by Frank Martina about “The Iconography of Garden”. At that time I was in Urban Planning at the University IUAV of Venice; a bit crazy to choose these lecture that had very little in common with Urbanization.
I had never expected that gardening would have become my future career but when I started listening to Mrs Frank, I was completely enraptured by the wise narrative full of beautiful imagery and mystery. I fell in love. So, I finished my Planning training as soon as possible and moved to Florence, where I deepened the italian tradition of Garden Design during the course of Landscape Architecture.
As I realize later, my training was primarily historical and luckily but I was spurred to make new experience abroad. I was welcomed by the Austen Design Associates in Ireland. There I was introduced to the peculiar Irish Garden Culture, adopting a contemporary point of view on layout, materiala and plants selection. It was a brief but intense and after one year I moved to London, where I was stunned by the amount of innovative projects spread across the city. No wonder why it is considered the World’s capital of Garden. The culture of Nature, Labour and love for Hearth is so deeply rooted in the society that it is difficult encounter someone is not keen on plants.
It was quite sad leaving this city after has been graduated at the London College of Garden Design but I left London heading to Singapore with an amazingly increased planting knowledge. The first impression of Singapore, otherwise known as a Biophilic City, was the height. Being born and raised in the flat Venice land, everything looked incredibly high. Not just building, the all landscape seems soar to the sky. Here, I immediately fell in love with the local flora, so different from what I used to see back in Europe. So, I decided to share my passion creating Domus Topiarum. This blog combines photography, storytelling and professional knowledge in order to spread the garden culture.