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Rosemary Black

Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Oxfordshire

After pursuing a successful career in education Rosie graduated from the London College of Garden Design in 2017 with distinction.




Since studying geography and urban planning I have had a wide interest in the natural and man-made landscape and in our response to it and relationship with it. My interest in garden design began for real when I owned my first home and set about creating a garden in which I could unwind and relax and nurture my love of plants. I am a great believer in the therapeutic nature of green spaces and their impact on our well-being. Living on a farm in West Sussex I am inspired by the ever changing seasons and scenery and aim to design beautiful gardens which create a sense of affinity with the surrounding landscape.

I work across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Oxfordshire and further afield by arrangement.

Rosemary Black – Surrey Small Garden
Rosemary Black – Large Garden in Hertfordshire
Rosemary Black – Large Rural Garden in West Sussex