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Sarah Jeffrey

East London based covering London, South East and Edinburgh

My gardens are designed boldly but hold themselves lightly. They are contemporary explorations inspired by classic garden forms which gives them a fresh but timeless quality. Characterised by a focus on richly textured planting and a delicate palette with striking traditional elements, I am interested in my gardens telling a story reaching from the past into the present day. They are always site-specific, meaning I explore the history and context of each site in parallel with the current needs of the client to create designs that could only exist for a particular location. Furthermore, it is also an absolute priority that my gardens create sustainable spaces that work for people and the planet.

I graduated with a distinction from the London College of Garden Design.


My work as a ceramicist has helped me to develop a strong feel for materiality, form and function and my works in clay are raw, tactile explorations of traditional ceramic sculptures and structures. This tendency to take inspiration and extrapolate from classic forms with a keen eye for texture and tone has become central in my approach to garden design.

For over a decade I also worked as a service designer and innovation manager, running large design-led programmes for the third sector and public sector. This focus on user-centered design and project management has provided a great base of professional skills for my garden design practice and I am delighted to be able to combine this with my creativity to develop spaces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Instagram – @sarahjeffrey_gardens

Sarah Jeffrey – Clay Farm – Gardens for a Ceramics Residency in Wiltshire
Sarah Jeffrey – The Helicon Garden – A Family Garden
Sarah Jeffrey – The Warp _ Weft Garden – A Modernist Family Garden