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  Highgate London

Tabi Jackson Gee

Bath, London and across the South West

A London-based garden designer, Tabi aims to connect people with nature through colourful, nurturing and beautiful outdoor spaces. From city roof gardens to larger rural landscapes, these are spaces designed to be lived in.

With a taste for combining the classical with the contemporary, inspired by growing up in rural Northamptonshire then spending much of the last decade working as a travel and fashion journalist, Tabi loves the collaborative elements of working closely with her clients to create engaging and enjoyable outdoor spaces.

An author, journalist and Country Life regular, Tabi also writes features about gardening, green spaces and travel for The Financial Times Weekend, Ideal Home, The Telegraph, Grazia, Vice, Refinery29 and Conde Nast Traveller.

Tabi also spends time volunteering with a charity she cofounded. Dream for Trees is an organisation that was set up during lockdown in 2020 with the sole aim of planting mini forests in urban areas, helping improve air quality, provide habitats for wildlife and help improve our city environments.

Instagram: Tabijgee_Gardens



Since 2017 Tabi has worked as a garden designer in London, Surrey and Northamptonshire. During this time she also boosted her experience working alongside some brilliant designers on design, build and maintenance jobs, indulging her passion for plants whilst learning about the practical skills required to deliver a successful garden.

Prior to this, Tabi was a successful journalist and editor, writing for some of the UK’s most respected newspapers and magazines. Mainly covering fashion, culture and travel, she has also worked as a consultant and copywriter.

Tabi Jackson Gee – Chiswick Family Garden
Tabi Jackson Gee – Art Gallery – The Milking Parlour
Tabi Jackson Gee – Fulham – Classic Courtyard
Tabi Jackson Gee – Brixton – Wild Urban Garden
Tabi Jackson Gee – Clapham – Mini Urban Oasis
Tabi Jackson Gee – Northamptonshire – Country Garden