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Zofia Mrowka

Hampshire, London, UK, Greece

With degrees in Landscape Architecture and Classics and having worked previously in interior design and managing architectural renovations, I decided to broaden my training to expand my experience and appreciation of art and design. This led me to finally delve into the realm of garden design, something that has always been an ambition and love.

I have a passion for plants and horticulture, due to my previous career as a Horticultural Manager, having also obtained the RHS level 2 Certificate in Horticulture and I feel confident that my plant knowledge is an asset to support me in my design.

I believe understanding living systems and communities, while developing a multifunctional and ecological approach to gardens, within the context of the wider landscape and green infrastructure as a whole, will help us tackle the future challenges we face in achieving a sustainable future for the wellbeing and enjoyment of all.

I aim to create spaces that not only work for you, but that help to enhance the equilibrium of the incredible ecosystems and diversity of wildlife that inhabit our natural environment, which we treasure so much.

I am based in Hampshire, but work on projects all over London, the Home Counties, UK and Greece.


Zofia Mrowka – Contemporary Woodland Garden Buckinghamshire
Zofia Mrowka – Georgian Cottage Garden and Wedding Venue
Zofia Mrowka – Foraging and Productive Family Garden Chilterns