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Selling sustainability to our clients

We asked our LCGD tutors and lecturers how they get the buy in for a sustainable design from clients? How can we make sustainable solutions desirable that they accept and that get the acceptance of the neighbours?

It starts with us as designers as well. How can we convince ourselves of ecological approaches? Here are some ideas –

    1. A good design narrative and particularly planting design narrative will push us to create better sustainable landscapes, If we concentrate on the narrative and not the time it takes and the money it costs we are more likely to create rich, engaging plantings that fulfil everyone’s needs and are not just a regurgitation of what went before. It allows us to have time and to think about deeper things like decomposition layers.

    2. If we are able to assess our own work then we might be encouraged to develop our design skills towards a sustainable approach over time. It’s a continuous learning environment and you can continuously take steps in the right direction.

    3. Sell by using terms such as nature or ecology to clients.

    4. Rebuilding – the most sustainable house is the one you don’t pull down. In a garden the most sustainable garden is the one where you maintain and build upon the layers of planting you already have.

    5. Talk to your clients about where materials are sourced from, understand more than just the financial cost and show them how you can make a difference.