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  Andrew Wilson
  February 16, 2024 – March 2, 2024
  10:00 am – 4:30 pm
  Kew Gardens

Drawing for garden and planting design (3 days foundation course)

Are you interested in garden design but feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of drawing your ideas? We have good news for you! Our new garden design drawing course is here to help you build a strong foundation in drawing skills and unleash your creativity.

Over three days, Andrew Wilson will guide you through the basics of drawing and teach you how to create accurate and beautiful sketches of your garden design ideas. The course covers the essential skills of plan, elevation and cross section production with emphasis on line quality and colour rendering techniques allowing you to develop drawings that communicate your ideas and the atmosphere of the gardens you wish to communicate. You will also explore perspective drawings to explore your designs in 3D.

Whether you’re a keen garden enthusiast or starting a design career looking to improve your skills, our course is designed to help you grow your talent and develop your own unique style. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a successful garden designer!

Course dates: 16/02, 23/02, 02/03.

For more details and to enrol on this course you need to book via the link to the left.

Image Juliet Erridge