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Which new iconic garden will you choose?

Our new series of Info Bursts got off to a great start with a presentation on the Grey to Green landscape created in Sheffield. Alexa Ryan-Mills proposed that this design brining colour and sustainability to a city centre will change how we look at urban greening.

At our next Info Burst we’ll hear from Susan Cohan APLD Designer of the Year 2021 and PNLA Best Design winner at this year’s PHS Philadelphia Flower Show 2022. We asked Susan a few questions about where her design inspiration comes from.

When did you get your first garden or landscape moment, when you knew you wanted to become part of the industry?

I was an avid home gardener who was a designer of fashionable things. I started designing my own garden and decided to hone my skills and experience for that instead of other things. I’ve never regretted the decision.

What’s the biggest challenge we’re facing now from our industry perspective (nationally or internationally)?

The polarization of the landscape tribes. Native vs. Non-Native, Next Wave (which is now 30 years old) vs. Traditional, Geometric vs. Amorphic. All wrapped up in the climate crisis. There’s room for thoughtful design everywhere in my opinion.

Who inspires you in landscape in the USA today?

Deborah Silver, Adam Woodruff, Walter Hood and they are polar opposites! One from the East, one from the Midwest and one from the West. We are a big country.

You can buy tickets for our forthcoming Info Burst webinars from our Short Courses page and all proceeds are shared between our 6 horticultural charities.