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LCGD Charitable donations top £30,000

Our social responsibility strategy continues to support horticultural charities that benefit a wide community. This includes those working within the industry through our association with Perennial, the Gardeners Royal Benevolent Charity.

Since we started this scheme we have been able to contribute over £30,000 to these charities with £5,000 being donated in 2023 from ticket sales to our online webinars.

It is a very difficult time for charities and they are starting to feel the combined effects of the cost of living crisis and other factors that are creating more of a strain on their services.

The charities we have helped in 2023 are Perennial (£1,000), Thrive (£1,000 doubled to £2,000 through a donation matching scheme), Veterans’ Growth (£1,000), Greenfingers (£1,000), Horatio’s Garden (£500) and Global Gardens of Peace (AUS $1000).