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The London College of Garden Design (LCGD) recently asked an international panel of speakers to choose their iconic garden of the previous decade that will, in their mind, be the gardens we will still be talking about as landmarks in garden design in 20 years-time.

Everyone who came to the presentations was asked to vote for the most iconic new gardens and the results are now in!

The top-rated gardens are –

1. Hilldrop – John Little’s garden in Essex UK, championed by Nigel Dunnett

2. Stonefields – Paul Bangay’s garden in Victoria, Australia, championed by Brent Reid

3. Hamilton Gardens – Hamilton City’s community garden in New Zealand, championed by Ben Hoyle

Each of six speakers championed their chosen garden and explained why they think we’ll still be talking about their choice of garden in 2042. Other gardens nominated were Wij Tradgardar (Sweden), Grey to Green (Sheffield, UK), Chanticleer (USA).

LCGD Director Andrew Fisher Tomlin said “It is good to see that our panel of experts nominated so many gardens with a community focus that inspire a wide range of designers, gardeners and non-gardeners. As well as being outstanding example of garden design they are working with their environment and the climate change that we are experiencing.”

Attendee nominations

Attendees were asked to nominate their own favourite gardens that they felt would become iconic in the future revealing a much more UK focussed selection reflecting where most of the attendees have been able to visit over the past few years.

New gardens that were nominated included Middleton Lodge, Nant y Bedd (recently named RHS Partner Garden of the Year) and the Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park. Ganna Walska Lotusland, a botanical garden in California was a top international nomination.

Image John Little’s garden (credit Nigel Dunnett)