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How can designers contribute to a sustainable future?

At LCGD we take the challenges we face to biodiversity and a changing climate seriously and ensure that the very wide subject of sustainable design is discussed on ALL our courses.

On the Garden Design Diploma we introduce sustainable landscape design principles at an early stage so that students can begin to build in their ideas into assessed projects. For the Planting Design Diploma we’ve recently spent a day looking at key ideas in planting sustainably including the new regulations around Biodiversity Net Gain for planning. And on the Construction Design programme sustainable use of materials is an ongoing discussion through the course as we explore how we can make better decisions on materials and their use.

We even have an Environmental Design lead within the college coordinating how we teach this subject and what we can do more of going forward. So, if you’re interested in learning how garden and planting designers can make positive change, come and see us.

Photograph Sussex Prairie Gardens visit with Planting Design Diploma students @fishertomlin